About Us

Bon Profile2vic new pic resizedOur names are Bonnie Dye and Vicki Apple. We started creating affordable, custom website designs for individual and businesses over 10 years ago to help them grow their internet presence. Our clients range from individual start-ups needing their first website to nation-wide organizations looking to give themselves a fresh new look and greater technical functionality.
We use only the WordPress Platform for all of our sites for two reasons:

  • Google loves WordPress
  • We can train you to take control of your own site once it’s built

So What’s This Website About?

The name eTraining Live reflects our desire to always provide training to our clients so they can take control of their website and not be dependent on programmers schedules. We also give the absolute best customer experience possible while creating each custom website design.

Why choose us? Well, simply said…customer service. We’re not satisfied until you’re satisfied. We communicate with you in simple to understand terms, so you don’t have to speak “programmer language” to understand what we’re talking about.

We have over 20 years of website design experience that enables us to meet all of our clients needs, from simple landing pages to extremely complex membership and ecommerce sites…often with over 100 pages of content.

Our corporate backgrounds in customer service, training, marketing and large team management as well as our own entrepreneurial endeavors give us the ability to see business from a variety of perspectives, and that allows us to create the perfect website for every type of business niche.

We look forward to connecting with you and helping you improve your online presence with eTraining Live.

You can find out about our dedicated webmaster services as well as our WordPress training program by clicking the links.


Bonnie Dye and Vicki Apple

Read below for detailed individual backgrounds:

Bonnie Dye –  Bonnie has been working on the internet for more than 30 years. One of her earliest projects was to assist Roadway Express Trucking Company as they transitioned their payroll from a manual process to a computerized system. This was a complex task because each local union had different payment agreements for their drivers. Certain driving routes or certain combinations of circumstances would make a driver eligible for extra compensation or paid time off for a mandatory rest period, and those variables prevented the use of simple calculations based on hourly rate for hours worked. During this conversion process Bonnie discovered 16 different ways in which money could be embezzled or diverted from the company, and she wrote new programs to build in security and prevent those issues from happening.

Bonnie later left Roadway and joined General Telephone (now Verizon) as that company began its transition to a computerized process. This time Bonnie was responsible for training everyone on the new methods for doing their jobs. To achieve this, her team created training materials, then delivered that training to over 800 employees.

In 2004 she formed BonVic LLC (with Vicki Apple) to assist businesses in maximizing their websites to increase profits and marketing efficiency. They soon developed a process for delivering live, hands-on training nationwide via the internet.

Bonnie quickly realized the potential of WordPress as a game changer for website design and began teaching beginner classes both locally and online at a distance.

In addition to WordPress training and website designs, BonVic LLC offers a monthly maintenance program for companies or individuals who desire a service to keep their sites updated and backed up on a regular basis.

Over the years Bonnie has developed countless dozens of websites. On LinkedIn she is ranked in the top 5 nationwide for WordPress, WordPress Trainer and WordPress Training.


Vicki Apple – Vicki has an extensive background in team building and project management, and more recently has become an accomplished website developer and internet trainer.

During more than 20 years with General Telephone (now Verizon), Vicki was, on 11 occasions, given the task of opening and establishing new offices for the company. She was responsible for overseeing the hiring and training of employees, and creating a highly productive workforce in the quickest possible timeframe. In her last position with the company Vicki built a new location from 10 employees to 300 in just over 2 years, while maintaining excellent quality standards of service to their customers.

Later Vicki was invited to join Hollywood Entertainment to help them streamline their processes and increase their customer service standards. In this capacity she met and exceeded all the company requirements in just over a year and was immediately recruited by Wells Fargo Bank to do the same thing.

In 2004 Vicki joined Bonnie Dye in creating BonVic LLC where she began using her excellent organizational skills to help the company move forward in a focused way. She also studied website development and learned to build websites on a variety of platforms including DreamWeaver, Expression Web and later, WordPress.

Vicki developed the company’s first WordPress training class and continues to assist in those trainings when needed.

On LinkedIn Vicki is ranked in the top 5 nationwide for WordPress, WordPress Trainer and WordPress Training.  

Fell free to contact us if you have any questions or would like more information.